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Miriam's Promise
"Shall I go and get you a nurse from the
Hebrew women to nurse the child for you?"
-Exodus 2:7

Inspired by the courage of a young woman who lived thousands of years ago, Miriam's Promise serves pregnant women, their partners and families as they grapple with the despair of untimely pregnancy and couples hoping to adopt as they struggle with the grief of infertility. As the only non-profit mainline Protestant agency of its kind in Middle Tennessee, our unique ministry offers a safe place where everyone can expect to recieve respect. Miriam's Promise offers emotional and tangible support and promotes thoughtful, informed choices - without denominational restrictions or placement requirements.

Pregnancy Counseling -
  • Real choices
  • Free, confidential counseling
  • Support services
  • Open adoption
  • Parenting support
Adoption Services -
  • Placement services
  • Home studies
  • Domestic & international services
  • Support groups
  • Education and counseling

Promises to keep
Almost three thousand years ago in the land of Egypt, the Pharaoh ordered the infantcide of all male childern of the Hebrew slaves in the kingdom. One desperate mother tenderly placed her infant son in a basket and hid him in the Nile to keep him safe from harm.

Watched over by his sister Miriam, the baby was discovered by the Pharaoh's daughter. When the princess decided to adopt the child, Miriam stepped forward and offered their mother's services as a wetnurse for the baby.

Through her courage and creativity, Miriam transformed a devestating situation - fostering hope and healing for the birthmother, the adoptive mother and the boy called Moses.

That same promise of hope is urgently needed by those facing the anguish of infertility and untenable pregnancy today.

Help us keep the promise.

Miriam's Promise
Pregnancy, Parenting and Adoption Services

A Ministry of the Tennessee Conference
of the United Methodist Church

To contact Miriam's Promise, call:


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